8 Hour Concealed Carry Course (CCL2)
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Illinois requires 16 hours of firearms training.  Our 8 hour Concealed Carry Course is for those individuals that qualify for 8 hours of prior training credit as defined by Illinois law. This is NOT an introductory course.  Basic knowledge of firearms and their usage are required prior to participation in this course.  You may qualify for this course if the following apply:

Multiple valid Carry Permits from other states - UT, FL, NV, MO, KY, or MI

Chicago Firearms or IL Hunters Safety Course

NRA Basic Pistol Certified

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Certified

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Certified

Military Service: Active Duty / Retired / Honorably Discharged

Previously Qualified Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer


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8 Hour Concealed Carry Course (CCL2)

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